SL - Contactless - Card System

Billing and access control

  • Contactless system: high reliability, cost-saving

  • As a cashless payment system: pre-payment and payment in retrospect

  • Interference: no contacts to wear out or get dirty

  • No openings in the cabinet: vandalism and misuse safety

  • High security collection, no cash risk, no cash-draining

  • Alternatively or additionally be used to cash

  • High customer acceptance

    • very easy to use: just hold card against
    • Customer card works in all directions
    • audible confirmation
    • Display of remaining credit
    • appealing visual design
  • SoH-Handy:

    Mobile Loyalty cards charging station

  • SLT-300: Loyalty cards recharging-/sales station: self-service

  • Individual solutions: you talk to us, we advise you!

Product data sheet (pdf)

Technical subject to alternations. Quality made in Germany.

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