Highlights   KASSSIMAX / ChicoMax

  • Vandalism Safety
    Granted by 3 mm SM - steel casing and bolt work on 3 sides

  • The combination of time control / time sale (e.g. 0,50 EUR for 20 min drying) and
    program control / service sale (e.g. fixed price of 2,000 EUR for 1x washing) is selectable
    per machine

  • PrePaid money for your serviices
  • Low installation costs,
    One KASSSIMAX can run up to 8 machines (optional 255)

  • Saves collection costs,
    Only one clearance enter and very easy collection by user guidance
  • High collection safeness,

    • User guidance (also multilingual)
    • Electronic-multi-coin-acceptor, money card
      system, several species and different currencies
    • Pleasing design
    • Very easy operation

  • For integrating to your own products we optionally can deliver KASSSIMAX for front installation

  • Winning over the consusmers by contact less card system (Your customer can use the same-card at any of your installation sites)

  • KASSSIMAX is customisable: Temporary-Switch-On, start- /stop operation, money cards, credit cards, service-coins, further species, own chip cards, remote monitoring

  • Flexible system - We can meet all requests

  • Our standard: Optimal service and response time

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