ChicoMax for 2 – 8 Machines

(washing machines, tumble-drier, solarium, showers etc.)

  • The combination of time control / time sale (e.g. 0,50 EUR for 20 min. drying) and program control / flat rate (e.g. fixed price of 2,00 EUR for 1x washing) is selectable per machine

  • Clearly arranged keypad for choosing machine

  • In case of service sale: variable input catch a machine end signal

  • In case of time sale: Additional paying possible

  • LCD display (2 lines) for readout and user guidance dialog

  • Single cash balance counter per machine (not deletable)

  • For encashing the total cash balance counter is deleteable

  • Plug clamp for device connection

  • Electronic-multi-coin-acceptor for EURO coins (0,10 - 2,00), in case you need others please do not hestitate to ask us.

  • Optional: Temporary-Switch-On (circuit runs ~20 Sec. without coin entry isolate)

  • Optional: start- / stop operation (time lapse afresh proceed / stop)

Technical Data


Elektrical connection

2110 - 250V 50/60Hz, 30W

  • 3 mm very robust security casing, industrial varnish (structured)
  • Security lock for a double bit key with 7 bolts and 4 lock bolts
  • LCD display, illuminated, vandalism-protected
  • Electronic multi-coin-acceptor
  • Electronics is flexibly adjustable and programmable
  • Clearly arranged keypad
  • Optional: Combination of coin tester and contact less card system
  • Optional: Single push buttons, status readout of the circuit by two coloured LED
  • Optional "Outdoor enlargement": enlarged temperature and humid range
  • Cable entraya point: Bottom

    Product data sheet (pdf)

Switch relay

per circuit, 230V AC, 2x 8A (16A)
(dry switch)

Input per circuit

230V AC, unencumbered, decoupled

Pay scale 

adjustable per circuit
0,10 EUR up to 300,00 EUR


H:260 x W:340 x D:240 mm

H:400 x W:460 x D:340 mm


19 kgs  ChicoMax


Cash box

for approx. 400 - 2500 coins

Technical subject to alternations. Quality made in Germany.

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